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Protect what you care for

The first real personal cyber protection and insurance service 






Data breech





Cyber bully

It's well known that corporates leverages cyber technologies & governments focus (that's where the big $'s are...).

BUT Who takes care of you?


We all feel that our life becomes smart, digital and connected. The television, iRobot, door bell, air conditioner and even some fridges can be controlled via the phone BUT being connected comes with a price - we are prone to cyber attacks. 
While corporates are well protected today, more than ever, our life is exposed.
Security technologies are offered & sold on daily basis but they are solving yesterdays exposures leaving your life and kids at risk. 

Isn't your family entitled to be safe?, leveraging its unique Israel intelligence forces veterans, is the only real personal cyber service that protects your privacy, family and home 

 How would you protect your family ?

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Do I need it? 


Its well known that antivirus and other cyber protection technologies can increase the safety but you are still not 100% covered. Not even close to 100%.


Surance utilized corporates protection methods and technologies to deliver home safety.

Surance developed first ever solution, end-to-end, that combines Cyber protection, instant response and insurance that keeps you covered with minimum exposures.


Instantly following surance App to the mobile device, the system simulates all kind of attacks, mapping the weak points of you home. Those points, are unlocked doors for the attacker. Immediately after the scan Surance tech and services are operative.


Surance, using our advanced Machine learning predicts the attackers. based on the simulations and predictions the system delivers protection recipes, simple but important tasks to protect the home. In addition, surance constantly looking for new doors, risks and exposures of your family. 


 In un-fortunate event of protection failure our next line of react goes into action to stop the attack, with escalation for remote human assistance. Damages are fixed and compensated using our cyber insurance policy.

Surance technology 

The cyber tech already acknowledge that real protection requires change of conceptions and mind set.

 How do we do it?

Would you like to feel that your family is really protected? 

Make your house safe again

The people behind the scene 

We wish we could show you the whole team, in the mean time ....

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